Underwater Wonders of America Told in Pictures – Photography Book Review

Most people who visit the state and federal parks in the United States are in awe of the beauty in nature that has been preserved for them and their children and grandchildren. Still, even if they go out of their way to visit most of the state and national parks they are only getting half the picture, they are seeing what is above ground and not necessarily what is under the water, where a whole new ecosystem exists.

It is for this reason that the National Park system in the United States encourages underwater snorkeling and diving in many of its parks. And what better way to learn about all you are missing than to get a book that shows you through pictures what it is all about? If this sounds good to you, then let me make a book recommendation to you of a book I personally own myself:

“Underwater Wonders of The National Parks -Diving and Snorkeling Guide Compiled by the National Park Service” by Daniel J. Lenihan and John D. Brooks; Diane Publishing Company; 1998. ISBN: 978-0756765231.

You will be amazed at all the information in this picture book, as it lists camping areas, locations, pictures of underwater spectacular scenes, and where to find them, along with all the best places to eat, stay and get supplies. Check out the coral reefs, Lake Superior, sunken ships, Hawaii’s coasts, the Channel Islands in California, in fact there are over 60-locations listed in the book.

This is perhaps the best introduction to the underwater wonders of the United States and best of all it’s all in pictures, truly incredible. I recommend this book for snorkelers, diving tourists or beginners. And even if you don’t dive or have never tried snorkeling, you’ll love this book.


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